Origin: Thailand

    Lemongrass has a similar flavour profile to lemon, some describe it as a blend of lemons and lemon mint. The flavour is quite light and does not overpower other flavours in a dish. It also adds a slightly sharp and tangy taste without the bitterness of lemon.This herb is fragrant and can elevate the dishes you cook at home. 

    It is a popular misconception that Lemongrass must taste very similar to lemon. However, Lemongrass has a flavour profile all of its own. While it is citrusy with a lemony flavour, it tastes almost like a mix of lemon and lemon mint. 

    Lemongrass is by far the World’s most flavourful and beneficial grass and is a primary culinary herb in several types of Asian cuisine.

    Lemongrass is used in multiple ways:

    • Added to curry pastes, sauces, and salads. Its lemony flavour stands up to prolonged cooking, making it perfect for slow cooked stews and curries.
    • Infused into teas, soups, and stocks. Lemongrass easily infuses into liquids.
    • Added to desserts. In modern cooking, lemongrass is often used in a variety of desserts ranging from cakes and cookies to custards and frozen treats.