Honeydew Melon
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    Honeydew Melon


    Origin: Ecuador

    Also called Golden Dewlicious Melons, these fruits get their name from their green, super sweet, honey-flavoured flesh and their light golden rind. Our South American Honeydew is round to oval and somewhat larger than the typical cantaloupe, ranging from 4 to 8 pounds. The crisp yet juicy flesh is medium to pale green with the deepest shade occurring just below the skin. If the blossom end yields to gentle pressure, the melon is ready to eat. Once our Honeydew melon is picked, it may soften but can no longer get any sweeter. Our Honeydew melons are picked at their peak maturity giving them the best flavour and incredibly moorish sweetness.

    We suggest using Honeydew melons in fresh preparations such as fruit salads or cold soups. The pureed flesh can be added to sauces, smoothies, cocktails and syrups. The sweet flavour of our Honeydew melon will complement breakfast and dessert preparations. Honeydew pairs well with lime, mint, basil, sweet cream, cottage cheese, fruity olive oil and fresh berries. Store unripe melons at room temperature. Refrigerate ripe melons in a plastic bag for two to three days. Once cut, cover and keep refrigerated.