Green Cabbages

    Green Cabbages


    Origin: Holland

    Green cabbage has a grassy and mildly sweet taste when raw, with an aftertaste that is reminiscent of mustard. Cabbage can be raw, cooked, or pickled. We suggest eating raw green cabbage thinly sliced in salads or slaws, and roasting or grilling thick wedges. 

    When preparing cabbages to eat raw, steamed or braised, you usually cut away the white part of the stem. This has sometimes an unpalatable taste and is very tough to eat.

    Dutch cabbage is healthy and full of flavour. Both white and red cabbage are great sources of fibre, vitamins (B, C, and K), and minerals (manganese, calcium, iron, and phosphorus).

    Raw, green cabbage has a light and slightly peppery flavor that will calm as it is cooked. The large round cabbage head has densely packed thick leaves. The outer leaves of the cabbage head are usually medium to light green and they fade to pale green or white the closer they are to the center.