Dried Mangoes
Dried Mangoes

    Dried Mangoes


    Origin : Philippines

    Our no sugar added Philippine Dried Mangoes are naturally sweet and rich. Each slice is simply mango with no additives or sweeteners. We source the sweetest and choicest mango “cheeks” we could find, so the pieces are large and delicious. 

    If you are looking for a snack that is both healthy and tasty, our Philippine Dried Mango is just right for you. After being harvested, each juicy mango is peeled, sliced and then cold dried. That’s why soft our dried mangoes can stay for longer, still, it can keep soft and chewy without any chemical. The taste and colour of the mango are preserved thanks to modern machinery technology. One bite of this mango's sweet tropical taste will flush your mouth and mind!

    Because no sugar or chemicals are used, the sweetness of mango is pure and natural. As each slice of mango is not too thin, one bite and you can feel the soft, lint-free mango meat and taste the delicious natural sweetness. You will feel as if you are standing in a tropical countryside amidst hot weather eating a fresh slice of mango.