Dried Apricots

    Dried Apricots


    Origin: Turkey

    Our jumbo dried apricots are vibrant in flavour thanks to their size. Larger apricots like this variety tend to be sweeter and more delicious than smaller ones. These succulent dried fruits are plump, moist and chewy. Did we mention they pack a good source of fibre in each serving? We couldn’t ask for more in these perfect dried apricots. 

    From a region of Turkey where cultivating stupendous apricots are a way of life. Honey sweet in flavour, plump and juicy in texture. These sun-dried morsels are LOADED with natural sweetness. Great for adding a bright pop of flavour and colour to a cheese spread and pairing with hard, sharp cheeses, making refined snacking super easy.

    These succulent fruits are perfect for a mildly sweet treat. Apricots are one of the best natural sources of vitamin A (beta-carotene), fibre, and potassium. You can enjoy a moist, chewy texture in every bite.