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Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn

    Sweet Corn


    Origin: Australia

    Our Large Golden Sweetcorn produces a buttery, sweet flavour that’s exactly how sweet corn should taste! Enjoy flavourful, tender yellow kernels. This corn is super tender and ideal for roasting, or even for eating raw! A real crowd pleaser! 

    These Sweetcorn kernels are firm on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, even when raw. They become even softer when cooked and take on a slight chewiness. 

    Sweet corn is a versatile and nutritious veggie that can be enjoyed right off the cob, cooked on a barbecue, or as part of a summer salad. Corn is perfect any time of the year—in hearty fall soups, zesty summer salsas. It’s diversity makes it a delicious addition to meals such as salads, stews, seasoned white rice, risottos, soups and pasta.

    Cooking tips

    Barbecue corncobs until charred, then season with salt and lemon juice.

    Combine crushed chilli, butter and coriander, and serve over hot corncobs.