Baby Purple Garlic

    Baby Purple Garlic


    Origin: Yunnan

    White / Purple-streaked, loose skinned, a clove of big-flavoured garlic. Full of flavour and a little kick they are a chef's favourite. The best for roasting.

    We like to use our baby purple garlic for dishes where fresh garlic is front and centre because it is luxurious and hard to find. Baby purple garlic makes dishes like garlic bread, garlic pizza and garlic butter on top of steak exquisite.

    Take advantage of this stunning garlic’s stronger flavour for bold dishes, such as braised lamb shank and chicken thighs.

    We love roasting this flavoursome garlic in the oven. The spicy and pungent flavours of baby purple garlic mellows out with the heat to make a sweet roasted garlic spread that goes well on crusty bread.

    While our baby purple garlic doesn’t have enormous heads like you’ll see at the supermarket, it’s got such great flavour that you won’t need nearly as much. This makes it perfect for the avid garlic fans out there as well as the frugal shoppers looking to get more milage out of their produce. We love using it to make homemade aioli or roasting it as a head to mellow and sweeten the flavour.