Pink Peppercorns

    Pink Peppercorns


     Origin: Brazil

    Flavour: Chilli, Berry, Sweet

    Contrary to the name, these peppercorns aren't "true" peppercorns from the "Piper Nigrum" plant, hence it's extremely different exotic flavour and texture. It's much softer, and also delightfully sweet in comparison to most peppercorns, with a hint of spice. Due to their nature, Pink Peppercorns are very hard to cultivate, transport, store and thus extremely expensive as far as spices go. But they are well worth the effort, as this flavour can't be found anywhere else! They're so yummy, they can even be nibbled on whole!

    Did you know pink peppercorns are not really pepper at all? They’re actually peppery little berries that grow on a majestic weeping tree that sways in the autumn breeze.

    True pepper or not, they’re still excellent for use in cooking, with chicken or fish, something that wants a little bit of pep but not too much. They’re delicate and a little floral and add finesse to your cooking.

    Our pink peppercorns from Brazil are exceptionally sweet and flavorful. They add spicy and fruity flavors to your dish and also a great decoration with the vibrant red color. 

    Pink peppercorns are not only a powerful antioxidant, but also has antibacterial and antiviral 
    benefits as well. Rich in dietary fiber. 

    They’re similar in flavor to black pepper, but milder, a tiny bit sweet and highly fruity. Pink pepper adds great color to whatever you’re making — We at FarmtoTable adore  using these in our cooking for both flavor and aesthetic reasons.