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Pistachios- Shelled Unsalted

    Pistachios- Shelled Unsalted


    Origin: USA

    If you love the taste of pistachios but hate having to pry the shell apart, our shelled pistachios are your best option.

    Pistachios are a little bit of magic in your mouth. They’re fresh and piney, salty and tangy. Our Pistachios are a super tasty nut that is perfect for sharing with friends and family over drinks or just to snack on. They are great for adding to your cooking and packed with flavour. You can enjoy this nut with a glass of wine or beer or as a high energy treat.

    Pistachios are the often overlooked nut that your dishes have been missing. While you might eat them by the handful as a snack, their distinctive flavour makes them an easy way to liven up a variety of dishes from fish to baked goods, and more.

    Pistachios aren’t actually nuts. The little green morsels are actually the seed of the fruit of the pistachio tree. And while the pistachio belongs to the same family as the cashew, it’s also botanically related to sumac and mangoes.