Dates Without stone

    Dates Without stone


    Origin: Tunisia

    Enjoy the distinctive soft caramel taste of our delicious Tunisian Dates. Large and plump, our dates are often described as “syrupy,” both because of their maple-y flavour and their luscious texture. 

    Dates have a natural caramel-like sweetness that in itself tastes like the most beautiful Christmas treats right out of the bag. Dates can easily be used for much more than a snack for Christmas. Eg. fit the sweetness really well for dry, salted cheeses or fried on the pan rolled in ham or bacon to the tapas table.

    Environmental pitted dates may be used as a standalone sweet snack or as an addition to the morning porridge, desserts, cakes, jam and all kinds of dishes. Dates are an excellent replacement for sweets in the diet of a child.

    Culinary uses

    • Diced and chopped Dates are added to bread, cakes and cookies.
    • It is also used to form date sugar which is an alternative sweetener.
    • Add the fruits to stews and smoothies.