Green Globe Artichoke
Green Globe Artichoke

    Green Globe Artichoke


    Origin: France

    We enjoy these Gorgeous French Green Globe Artichokes! We believe that they have a delicious strong earthy flavour that’s a lot similar to that of celery and asparagus.

    To get an accurate idea of what an artichoke tastes like, you need to eat them when they’re fresh.

    Just like most food items, the taste of artichokes ultimately depends on how you prepare them in addition to how fresh they are.

    The flavour of uncooked artichokes can’t be compared to that of roasted, steamed, or fried artichokes. 

    The taste of raw artichokes is mild and a little nutty.

    Steamed or boiled artichoke is quite tender and has a slight hint of sweetness.

    Grilled artichoke also has a sweet flavour accompanied by the characteristic smoky flavour you can expect in grilled food items.

    Fried artichoke tastes like fried asparagus but a little nuttier.

    How to Eat Green Globe Artichokes

    • Eat them with melted butter. Simply peel off the petals after they’ve softened with cooking, dip it into melted butter, pull the soft, pulpy part of the petals through your teeth, and discard the petal.
    • Add them as a topping on pizza.
    • Mix them into your pesto sauce.
    • Prepare a creamy and delicious spinach artichoke dip.
    • Cook them into stews and casseroles.