Sweet Brooks Cherries

    Sweet Brooks Cherries


    Origin: California

    ‘Brooks' are considered a premium type of cherry. They are sweet with a thin skin and plump flesh. They have a rounded heart-shape, glossy firm skin that snaps with each bite, and an intense red flesh that will stain to the touch. Brooks Cherries have a well balanced sweetness with rich complex flavours of dried spice and sugar and a perfectly sweet tart blackberry-like finish. Absolutely excellent flavour!

    Brooks Cherries are a hybrid of Burlat and Rainier Cherries , combining positive attributes of both parents with independently advantageous characteristics resulting in superior flavour. Brooks Cherries are classified as Sweet Cherries.

    Brooks Cherries are sweet, rich and well-balanced. Their flesh is firm and crisp with luscious shades of red and pink. These are semi-freestone Cherries. Brooks Cherries have a unique trait in that the stone is nearly free from the flesh.

    Brooks Cherries make an excellent choice for fresh eating, but are also suitable to cooked applications in both sweet or savoury dishes. Their natural sweetness and sturdy texture makes them ideal for preserves and baked goods, but they also make an excellent stuffing to pork or duck when combined with sage, bacon and onion. Other common flavour affinities include, burrata, feta, mascarpone, brie, basil, nuts, fennel, pistachios, arugula, yogurt, cream, dark chocolate and berries such as blueberry and blackberry.