Cantaloupe Melon
Cantaloupe Melon

    Cantaloupe Melon


    Origin: Honduras

    Our Cantaloupe melon is sweet, juicy, and tender. It has a delightfully distinctive sweet flavour. Cantaloupe has a bright orange, tender flesh and irresistibly sweet taste when ripe. 

    This sweet, tender fruit is typically eaten fresh as a snack, breakfast, side dish, or dessert. 

    Cantaloupe is one of those base ingredients in fruit salads everywhere. When ripe, it's sweet and floral, though nicely mellow in flavour without being bland.

    A Few Quick Serving Ideas

    • Add some sparkling water to fresh squeezed cantaloupe juice for a delightfully refreshing drink in the warm months of the year.
    • In a blender or food processor, purée cantaloupe and peeled soft peaches to make delicious cold soup. Add lemon juice and honey to taste.
    • Top cantaloupe slices with yogurt and chopped mint.
    • Slice melons in half horizontally, scoop out seeds and use each half as a basket in which to serve fruit salad.