Orange Baby Carrot

    Orange Baby Carrot


    Origin: Holland

    Picked early in its growth cycle, our orange baby carrots are small—usually no more than 3 or 4 inches—and have delicate skin that need no peeling at all. They're “sweet and tender” with “none of the bitterness” of more mature carrots. 

    Baby carrots are very sweet and tender because what you're getting is actually the core and not the full-size carrot.

    Glazing or roasting improves their texture and flavour. 

    When cooked, the flesh softens to develop a tender texture with a rich, sweet taste.

    Baby carrots are a special vegetable that simply taste like a treat.  They have a natural sweetness and great flavour, so they really don’t need much to make them shine. 

    • Baby carrots go well with beef, celery, chicken, chives, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, curry, dill, dried apricots, honey, onion, orange, raisins, rosemary, shallots, tarragon, thyme, and tomato.

    The things that you get in the grocery store in a big bag that look kind of like orange thumbs that they call baby carrots are not, in fact, baby carrots. Real baby carrots are the things that you get from a farmer’s market that look like regular carrots, but smaller, like our Baby carrots here at Farm to Table.

    Orange-thumb carrots are a manufactured product. You start with big carrots (sometimes very big carrots) and dump them into a machine. The next time you see them, they are the wee thumbs. Part of the problem with these carrots is that they are bred for growth rather than flavour.

    Those manufactured baby carrots are bland and, well, not real baby carrots. Once you've eaten wonderful, sweet real baby carrots, life will never be the same.