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Why Farm To Table?

As Hong-Kongers, our busy lives make finding high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients a near impossibility. At Farm to Table HK, we provide you with a premium marketplace by selecting fresh, sustainable produce and delivering it to your door without it ever having to sit on a shelf.

Our delivery service makes the time-consuming process of premium grocery shopping a one-stop-shop that easily integrates with your schedule. Simply select your items on our website and they will arrive on your doorstep within 2 working days. Arriving in a condition that will seem as if you had brought them back from the farmers market yourself!

We source our products globally with the highest standard of flavour and nutrition in mind. That of which you simply cannot find at your local wet-market. The majority of our products are imported from Europe, but for items that are unsurpassed in their natural climate of origin, such as our Peruvian Avocadoes, we have suppliers that provide us directly.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Farm to Table, sustainability and corporate responsibility are the core of our founding principles. We understand that as a nutritional provider, we are intimately linked to the ecosystems where our products originate. Because of this ethos, we treat the responsibility of ensuring the health and prosperity of agricultural regions and the greater natural world with the highest degree of seriousness.

Along with carefully selecting our sources of produce, we seek to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint throughout our operation by minimizing our use of packaging. The packaging we do use is an eco-friendly, plant-based material. We want to deliver from farm to table without leaving muddy footprints that lead directly to your front door.