Ruby Red Grapefruit
Ruby Red Grapefruit

    Ruby Red Grapefruit


    Origin: South Africa

    How did we get a grapefruit as sweet and as beautifully red as the Ruby Red grapefruit?

    Just take a bite of this juicy and sweet, packed with nutrients grapefruit and you’ll probably be hooked. This is certainly a bright red, sweet sensation!

    Packed with the perfect combination of mouthwatering, fresh Grapefruit and Juicy Sweet Orange that’s so irresistibly sweet and juicy 😋

    The Ruby Red has a classic yellow grapefruit peel with a lovely blush of red. Slice open the thin–skinned fruit to find beautiful, light–pink to deep red flesh inside.

    The Ruby Red is one of the sweetest grapefruits you can buy — without losing that unique, well–loved grapefruit tang.

    Choose Ruby Red grapefruit because you love its distinctive sweet–sour, full–bodied taste and want a juicy, nutritious citrus. Or just because you love grapefruit at breakfast!

    There's no question that Ruby Reds are juicy! After you've enjoyed them for breakfast and sectioned some up for salads, sauces, seafood dishes, or other delights, squeeze up a few and enjoy a glass of the best grapefruit juice you've ever had.

    Ruby Reds are high in lycopene, an antioxidant with the power to fight free radicals, which age our bodies. In fact, lycopene is what makes red grapefruit red. Ruby Reds are also much higher in vitamin A than white grapefruit.